A Return to Twin Peaks

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“I’ll see you again in 25 years.” Said a backwards talking Laura Palmer to a confused looking Dale Cooper in 1991. Only one person would have the dedication to infuse the diegetic with the non-diegetic over a literal quarter of a decade time span. In other words, David Lynch’s cult TV show ‘Twin Peaks’ is coming back to screens this May 21st on Showtime (Sky Atlantic in the UK) after a lengthy 25 year absence.

After the longest cliff-hanger in television history, many of the original cast are returning for the 18 episode season, with new additions to the inhabitants of the bizarre Washington town including David Lynch favorites Laura Dern and Naomi Watts as well as Jim Belushi and Jennifer Jason Leigh. It is not only the cast making a long awaited return, Co-Writer Mark Frost is back to contribute as well as legendary David Lynch counterpart Angelo Badalamenti recreating that soundtrack we all love (cue jazz drums).

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So, everything seems to be pointing in the right direction for an epic revival into one of the most important TV shows ever to grace our screens. With the current demand for new, exciting and binge worthy shows to watch at our disposal, it only seems fitting that we pay homage to one of the shows that started it all and made us so addicted to our TV drama. Due to audience ratings the show was originally dropped and David Lynch had to reveal Laura Palmer’s killer half way through the second series because of declining figures. Maybe it was a case of wrong place at the wrong time for the show, but the impact it had on those that engaged with it paved the way for many of the episodic TV shows that we know and love today.

For those that watched first time round and everyone else that has watched it in the past 25 years, answers are most definitely needed (especially after THAT finale). In typical Lynchian fashion, many questions may be answered only to be replaced with new ones! In regards to the main plot, it has been kept a secret with the only information we have being that the newest series is a direct follow on from the previous season. It will be interesting to see what has become of F.B.I Agent Dale Cooper; did he eventually settle into his reasonably priced property? What about Bob? Where did he go? Hopefully all will become clear (or cloudy, it is David Lynch).


With such a strong line-up, especially with Lynch in the driving seat, it is set to be a success and could prove to be a pivotal moment for television in 2017. If you haven’t experienced the wonders the world of Twin Peaks has to offer, then it is strongly recommended you catch up! For those of us that have waited for this return then get yourself a couple slices of that cherry pie and load up on some damn fine coffee before re-visiting those beautiful Douglas Firs!

With the release date edging closer, expect a few more Twin Peaks themed articles with an episode by episode review after each broadcast. In the mean time, amaze yourself with how well the cast has aged judging from these magazine covers!





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